GoBG Transit will operate during our normal hours on President's Day, Monday, February 19.
GoBG Transit will operate during our normal hours on President's Day, Monday, February 19.

Bowling Green, KY's Public Transportation Service

Providing  safe, reliable, affordable transportation throughout Bowling Green.

A Safe & Convenient Way to Travel

Travel securely and conveniently with GoBG Transit's reliable schedules and safe, clean buses.

Affordable & Reliable Transportation

Save while you travel –  GoBG Transit  offers a reliable budget-friendly way of getting around town.

Covers All The Places You Need to Go

Reach your destination through the GoBG Transit's network of bus stops throughout Bowling Green.


How GoBG Transit Works

Riding the Bus is cheap, easy, and convenient.

Affordable, reliable transportation around Bowling Green is a snap! Just follow these three steps and you'll be on your way: 

1. Plan Your Trip

Use the Moovit route finder tool below to plan your trip from the nearest bus stop. This will tell you the best transit route to take to your destination.

2. Buy a Bus Pass

Look below to find the right bus pass for your needs, then click the yellow button to buy a bus pass.

3. Get on the Bus!

Be at the bus stop on your route and wait for your bus to arrive.

GoBG Transit - How it Works


Plan a Trip

Where do you need to go? 

Use the Moovit route finder below to plan your trip on a GoBG bus.

Type in your location and the address of your destination and you'll be taken to a map that shows your best GoBG Transit route, where to find the nearest GoBG bus stop, and approximately how long your trip will take.

For an easier route map you can take on-the-go, Moovit has a smartphone app you can download for both Android and iOS.
GoBG Transit has 5 bus routes to cover Bowling Green.
Download a GoBG Transit Route Map here!
Route Map

Buy Bus Passes

GoBG Transit is affordable and easy to use.

Below you'll find information on how much it costs to ride GoBG Transit busses around Bowling Green.

You can buy a one-time ride on a GoBG Transit bus, or you can buy a transit pass for multiple rides.

Bus Fares

You can buy a single ride on a GoBG Transit Bus.

Below are the prices for a single ride on a GoBG Transit Bus.

12 years & older
7-11 years old with an adult
6 and under with an adult
60+ and persons with disabilities

Transit Passes

A transit pass allows you to ride more than once with one purchase.

If you need more than one trip on a GoBG Transit bus, you can buy a transit pass.
A transit pass is a digital pass that allows you to ride on the more than once with one purchase. Below are the prices for a transit pass.

All-Day Pass
Unlimited rides for 1 day
4-Ride Pass
A maximum of 4 rides
9-Ride Pass
A maximum of 9 rides
Monthly Pass
Unlimited rides for 1 month

Student Passes

Student Passes are available for full-time students currently enrolled in an area school.
Student Pass
Unlimited rides for qualifying students.

Ready to Buy?

It just takes a moment!
Click "BUY A PASS" below to get started.


Fast Facts

Questions about riding the bus? Here's what you need to know.

Keeping riders happy and safe is a top priority for GoBG Transit. Our busses are safe, clean, and convenient because our Rules for Riding help keep them that way!

Before using GoBG Transit, check out the links below for information on the rules, restrictions, and tips for riding on a GoBG Transit bus.


GoBG Transit Rules for Riding

The basic rules and regulations for riding the bus.


Accessibility Questions

Information for riders with special circumstances.


Frequently Asked Questions

A list of commonly-asked questions about GoBG Transit


News & Alerts

Everything You Need to Know

Check here for the latest public transit news, alerts, and updates.

October 12, 2023

A Big, Green Makeover for GoBG Transit

The GoBG Transit busses are getting a fresh look for Fall